Burrasca Shattaf with Flexible Silver Hose

Burrasca Shattaf with Flexible Silver Hose

Product: Burrasca Shattaf with Flexible White Handle & Bracket with Silver Pipe
Code: SH3 FL Box WWS
Packaging: 60 pcs/carton

With Anti-Germs Technology
Special Anti-Germs Technology is Used Which Continuously Fights And Kills 99.9% of Germs On The Surface Of The Product, Preventing It From Spreading And Making It Cleaner And Safer To Use Every Time.

Rust Proof
All Metal Parts Are Made From High-Quality Stainless Steel Or Brass.

High Performance

Tested more than 500,000 times at 6 bar pressure.

Soft And Easy To Use Push Button
Softer To Press And Easy To Use Push Button, Recommended For Children And Elderly.

Self Lubricating Technology
State Of The Art Self Lubricating Push Button Mechanism Technology To Last For A Longer Time.

Peace Of Mind
5 Years Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects.

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